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About Mount Kembla Village Hotel

Modern Australian Cuisine in a Historic Setting

The Mount Kembla Village Hotel’s storied past spans over a hundred years, a testament to the village’s vibrant history. Tucked away in the Illawarra region’s embrace, this quaint establishment has quenched the thirst of locals, offered solace to travellers, and hosted countless community events. Imagine the stories its walls could share: miners’ jubilations and heartaches, families marking special occasions, and strangers bonding over shared drinks. The hotel’s old-world charm and inviting atmosphere have cemented its status as a cherished icon in Mount Kembla, where it continues to weave history with hospitality.

In 2007, the Blackburn family became the proud custodians of MKVH. Licensee Daine Blackburn has helmed this historic inn for 17 years, continuing a legacy that began in 1898 when Mr. O’Halloran first opened its doors. Initially serving miners and farmers, the hotel now extends its familial warmth to all, 126 years on. Despite changes over time, the original timber cladding stands as a solitary reminder of its heritage roots. The Blackburns have invested heartily to preserve the hotel’s architectural integrity while ensuring it thrives as a sustainable enterprise.

The hotel has always been more than just a building; it’s been a pillar of support for the community through thick and thin. Its role was never more crucial than during the tragic Mount Kembla Mine Disaster of 1902, which claimed 96 lives. Through joyous celebrations and solemn gatherings, MKVH has stood as a beacon of community spirit. It proudly backs local sports teams like the Figtree Football Club, Mount Kembla Hotel Dart Teams (A, B and C Grades), The Mount Kembla Lowries, Kembla Heights Fishing Club, embodying the very essence of community camaraderie.

The Mount Kembla Village Hotel extends a warm welcome to all, boasting an impressive selection of beers—16 on tap—alongside a curated wine list, a variety of spirits, and culinary delights crafted by our chef. Not to mention, our wood-fired pizzas and the early morning buzz of our coffee shop are supported by our exceptional team. Our commitment to live music transforms weekends into a vibrant showcase of talent. Standing out as a local beacon, we take pride in being one of the select hotels free from Poker machines. We celebrate the continued development and growth of Mount Kembla. Next time you’re in our neck of the woods, make sure to drop by—you’re in for a treat!

Bike-friendly Venue

Mount Kembla and nearby Mount Keira is a favourite riding spot for both road cyclists and mountain bikers. Come and stop by for a coffee, drink, or meal at our Café or Diner on your next ride. We are a bike-friendly venue, with bike racks to protect your pride and joy.